Determined Little Cowgirl Tries, Tries Again To Climb Onto Her Pony

Videos by Motherhood on July 26, 2021

Remember that old saying “If at first you don’t succeed…?” Well try, try (try, try, try, try) again is exactly what 3-year-old Crosslyn Vest did when she wanted to get back on her horse Bo.

The pint-sized cowgirl is the embodiment of determination! She tries to hop up not once. Not twice. But 16 whole times before she finally makes it!

Even better than her unwavering dedication is the look of pure joy on Crosslyn’s face after finally achieving her goal!

Crosslyn is a natural when it comes to riding horses — she’s been riding for roughly 18 months now — but she’s just starting to practice getting up on her own.

“She wouldn’t let me help,” Crosslyn’s mom Teah Vest said. “She’s very independent.”

The toddler had been practicing earlier that day and was proud to show off her new trick, but when mom started filming, it took more than a few tries to get it right — but that didn’t stop Crosslyn!

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