Household Items and Their Infinite Uses

Videos by Motherhood on August 7, 2017

Time to put those everyday items to work in your home! So many trinkets lying around can be put to work on double duty by simply knowing these tricks to make your life a bit easier, and a lot cheaper! Ready to save some time and money by putting these everyday bits and pieces to work? Let’s jump in!

1. Clothes Hanger
Organize your jewelry with a multi-level hanger.

2. Rubber Band
Wrap around a paint can to remove excess paint from your brush.

3. Straws
Keep and store your necklaces tangle free with a straw.

4. Safety Pins
Static cling? Use a safety pin to eliminate it.

5. Water Bottle
Empty water bottles make for great yolk removers.

6. Buttons
Pair earrings by attaching them to buttons, that way one never gets lost.

7. Kneaded Eraser
Get scuff marks out of wood and leather with an eraser.

8. Paper Clip
Grab a paper clip if you can’t quite get that bracelet fastened.

9. Emery Board
Buff away scuffs and stains on suede bags and shoes with this manicure tool.

10. Shower Curtain Rings
Need to organize scarves? Use a few of these shower curtain rings to hang them on one single hanger.

11. Rubber Bands
X a rubber band around your door knobs to slip in and out of rooms silently, or go in and out of the room easier (like when your hands are full).

12. Glasses Case
Store earbuds or other small accessories in a glasses case to travel or throw in your purse.

13. Socks
Skip the expensive bubble wrap, and pack your fragile items in socks, sweaters, and other soft clothing.

14. Laundry Pretreater
Use it to remove sticky labels and adhesive.

15. Bread Tags
Keep your cords organized with bread tag labels.

16. Chocolate Insert
Use the insert as a desk drawer organizer to separate paper clips, thumb tacks, etc.

17. Dryer Sheets
Use the sheets to dust floorboards. Bonus, they repel dust so less cleaning next time!

18. Wrapping Paper Tubes
Wrap linens around the tube to prevent wrinkles.

19. Spoons Under Running Water To Remove Onion Smell From Hands
To remove onion smell after chopping, rub your hands on a stainless steel spoon under running water.

20. Parmesan Cheese Shaker
Fill the cleaned out container with plant fertilizer for your garden.

21. Straws
Firm up the stems of those saggy tulips with straws before putting them in the vase.

22. Newspaper
Crumple black and white newspaper to give a quick shine to those dark leather shoes.

23. Cooking Spray
Spritz a bit on those squeaky hinges to prevent or eliminate squeaks.

24. Rubber Gloves
Tricky jar top and no hunk to help you out? Grab a rubber glove for extra grip.

25. Sticky Notes
Run the sticky part between the cracks in your keyboard or dash to remove gunk.

26. Wide Tooth Comb
Use it just like you would combing your hair, but on the tassels of a tangled rug to get out knots.

27. Flower Pot Saucer
Use the bottom of a flower pot saucer to store your toilet brush. Collect the drips and eliminate the mess.

28. Shower Caps
Snag a couple of these from your hotel to store your shoes before putting them back in your suitcase.

29. Pillow Case
Cut a hole in the top, closed end of the pillow case to cover and hang fancy clothing items. It will protect them from mildews just like plastic.

30. Coffee Mate Lids
The lids happen to fit perfectly over mason jars. Store your creamers in style!

31. Candle Stub
Use the nub of a candle as a pin cushion.

32. Tissue Boxes
Empty the tissue box and fill it with old grocery bags. Easily pull out and use when needed.

33. Paper Plates
Place them between stored plates to prevent scratching.

34. Coffee Filters
Prevent dirt from spilling through flower pots when watering.

35. Sponges
Remove the pilling from sweaters by gently using the scratchy side against the garment.

36. Penny
Add a penny and a bit of sugar to your vase before adding fresh flowers to keep them fresh longer.

37. Mesh Fruit Bag
Ball a mesh bag, used to package fruit, and use it as a scratch pad when washing dishes. Once that grimy dish is clean, toss it!

38. Toothbrush Holder
Store and organize your makeup brushes in a clean toothbrush holder.

39. Pill Bottle
Empty out an old pill bottle and store change for metered parking. Keep it in your glove compartment, and never be without change.

40. Clear Nail Polish
Paint a tiny dot of clear polish over buttons to prevent the thread from fraying and drooping over time.

41. Soda Tab
Double up your closet space by using a soda tab to hang a second hanger on the first one.

42. White Vinegar
Pour some vinegar into a spray bottle and eliminate weeds naturally.

43. Bar of Soap
Stuck zipper? Rub a bar of soap to the front and back to budge it.

Some of these really blew me away, I just wish I knew them earlier! I love finding double duties for everyday items, and can’t wait to try some new tricks! If you love to find new little life tricks too, please SHARE with your family and friends.


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